Lawn Maintenance

For the High Point and Greensboro, NC Area

Owning a property means having to be responsible for the maintenance of everything, inside and out. A lot of people have more land than they know how to care for, which is why JM Lawn & Landscape wants to take this task off your hands. Forget about investing in a driving lawn mower just to keep up on your lawn maintenance because we have the very latest in mowing technology to keep your property trim and beautiful. Call today for services throughout the entire Greensboro, NC and High Point, NC areas.

lawn maintenance Greensboro, NC
lawn maintenance Greensboro, NC

Lawn Maintenance Frequency

With JM Lawn & Landscape at your service, you’ll be happy with your results. We offer weekly or bi-weekly lawn maintenance for all of our valued customers. When you hire us, we give you the basic mowing, trimming, and blowing services you need. Your guests and neighbors will be impressed with how well-kept your home or business looks, and you won’t even have to lift a finger. If you’re in the Greensboro or High Point, NC areas and are interested in receiving lawn maintenance services, contact us today.

Lawn Maintenance Services

JM Lawn & Landscape offers a variety of different lawn maintenance services including:

  • Lawn Mowing - We offer periodic grass cutting services in the Greensboro and High Point, NC areas. Lawn mowing helps grass grow and prosper. Our landscape contractors make sure not to cut your lawn too short, as this could dry out your lawn and cause the need for more watering.
  • Edging - Having your grass edged will create clean lines between your lawn and the sidewalk, as well as near driveways and flowerbeds.
  • Weed control - Weeds are a common challenge when it comes to lawns. We can help prevent weeds from coming back with our weed control services.
  • Shrub trimming - Having a beautiful garden helps make your property look tidy. We offer shrub trimming services to help keep your yard looking the way you want it.
  • Fall aeration - Lawn aeration involves puncturing the soil with small holes. This lets air, water and nutrients to absorb in the grass roots. In response to this, roots will grow strong and deep and will help produce a healthy, lush green grass.
  • Lawn seeding - When your lawn is looking sparse, you may be in need of seeding services. We can help patch bare spots in your lawn to make a thicker and healthier lawn.
  • Fertilizing - Your lawn needs the correct nutrients in order to survive. Our landscape contractors can help provide lawn fertilization services to provide the nutrients your lawn needs to grow.
  • General cleanup - When it comes to cleanup task, we offer a variety of services to help tidy up your yard and bring back its beauty.
  • And more!

Top 4 Reasons To Hire Our Lawn Maintenance Services

  • Save Time - Maybe the most popular reason to hire a lawn maintenance company, is to save time. For some, maintaining a lawn can take a couple hours, and having to do it every couple of weeks really adds up. Imagine everything you could get done saving those hours every month. That means spending more time relaxing, working on other projects around the house, and most importantly, more time with your family.
  • Cost - Hiring a professional lawn maintenance company can actually be cost effective. You will not need to buy expensive lawn equipment, such as mowers, blowers, trimmers, etc. that will need to be replaced every few years.
  • Experts - Lawn maintenance can be tricky and comes down to a science of proper watering, fertilizer and cut length. Our team has the knowledge of what works best to grow lush full lawns in this region and the Greensboro, NC area.
  • Equipment - You can count on our team to use top of the line equipment with the latest technologies, that many residential users can’t afford. This ensures your lawn will get the best cut possible.

Lawn Maintenance For Your Business

Your business's landscaping is often the first impression for potential customers. If your business have overgrown lawn, shrubs and trees, or weeds over taking your gardens people may see your business as unprofessional and choose to go somewhere else. Our lawn maintenance services will clean up the outside of your business to entice people to come inside. If you have a business in the High Point or Greensboro, NC area, contact our team today to schedule an appointment to go over all your business lawn maintenance needs.